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Take control over what's being said about your business with instant anonymous customer feedback.

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How it Works

1. Customer sends you anonymous feedback

  via their Feedback Now app.
How it Works

2. Receive a notificaion instantly

 via the Feedback Now for Business app AND via email.
How it Works

3. Reply to your customer

 via the Feedback Now For Business app or the Web Portal.

Feedback Now Business Users

Trackable Rewards

Send users Trackable Rewards to remedy problems, distribute promotions, increase business during slow hours or supercharge customer loyalty.
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Share Google Reviews

Share your Google Review link with happy customers and ask them to post their positive comments publicly.
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 Blast Messages

Every user that sends you feedback is added to your Outbound Messaging List. Blast Messages allow you to message your entire List at once.
  • Send Blast Messages and enjoy not being blocked by spam! 
  • Attach Rewards to Blast Messages to grow your business.
Coming Soon!


When you receive awesome feedback, you can share it with the world. Post any feedback message on Facebook, Instagram, or other social channels.
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Show your customers you want their feedback!

View materials you can use to tell your customers you're using Feedback Now. We'll print the first round!

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All of Your Feedback in One Place

With Feedback Now's Web App, you can seamlessly interact with all of your customers, across all of your locations.

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Private Conversations

All conversations are solely between a business and its customer. No internet mob here.

Manage Feedback on your phone

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